Why use a home staging expert

Why Use A Home Staging Expert?

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Did you know that using a home staging expert could mean your property will sell twice as fast, or that on average a staged property will sell for anything up to 8-10% more? (as printed by the Home Staging Association UK)

The average price of a property in the UK at the moment is around £250,000, so with home staging that could mean a price of £276,000 which would mean a profit of an extra £26,000. Or going the other way could also mean a loss of anything up to £25,000.

Many buyers will not be able to visualize what they can’t see, which means if we visit an empty property it is hard to envisage exactly how the property would look with the contents in it. This could lead to your buyer not seeing your property as a potential home for them and could result in needing many more buyers through the door before you get the offer you are looking for financially.

Many properties will also have their own selling points and a number of negative ones but, it is how your buyer sees them that will make a difference. Home staging will focus your buyers attention on the positives and ensure that they detract from possible problem areas.

Let’s say you fell in love with a property that was well presented but a bedroom upstairs needs a lick of paint, quite often a buyer will turn a blind eye to the work that needs doing if the positives outweigh the negatives.

Finally there are a lot of properties on the market at any one time so there is a lot of competition which will mean your property needs to look at its absolute best to sell quickly and for the right price. So, if spending a few pounds means that your property is sold quicker as well as sold for more why not enlist the help of a property staging expert by clicking here. https://fushiadesign.com/contact/

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