Taking Advantage of The Stamp Duty Holiday (Part 2) Looking at Your Home Through Your Buyers Eyes

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Our houses are full of memorabilia from our life's journey. Photos, trinkets, hand-me-downs and holiday mementos, all things that have deep meaning in our lives. However, when you sell your home, you need to tear yourself away from the sentimentalities and think of it purely as a property for sale, an investment.

Think of your house as your buyer's new haven, a place that will tick their boxes.

Every buyer has a list of:

 •   Must haves
 •   Nice to haves
 •   Compromises
 •   Definite Nos

Try to think of what those might be and view your home with their eyes.

The first step is to walk through the door of your house as though you are doing it for the first time. Do you see dirty skirting boards, a piece of furniture that makes the room look smaller, or a print on the wall that looks faded? Be your own critique and write a snagging list.

Next, have a think of who your buyer might be; if you have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms, it’s quite likely your property will attract a young family. So, let’s think of their recent pain points.

Fresh in their minds will be hours locked in their homes, maybe one parent trying to assist with schoolwork, whilst the other has been looking for a quiet space to carry out their daily office work. Perhaps they had no, or very limited, outdoor space.

Can you help them with that? Maybe you have an area where you can create an office space and another that can be dedicated to the kids. Use your imagination and ensure that each room in the house has a purpose. And no, a junk room, though it might serve a purpose for you, does not count! If you have a garden, try to make sure it’s a tidy, inviting oasis of colour, this could well be a “must have”, so it needs to look it’s very best self.

Research shows that it will take the average person just 38 seconds to judge someone’s home – make sure their first impression of yours is a good one. Don’t forget, you only get one chance.

If you need a professional eye to look round for you, please give me a call.

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