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Painting your home healthily

Choosing paint for your home is a very personal thing and we don’t always get it right, or end up with what we initially sought out to buy. Photos online and in glossy magazines will show you the latest “on trend” colours looking amazing in professionally interior designed rooms. However, in our real life homes, these colours may not necessarily be liveable with.

Also, are you really considering the environment when you look at the colours and swatches on offer? If not, I’m hoping this blog will give you some food for thought.


We’re all very aware of that “fresh paint smell”, which can sometimes give us a headache. But, do we really consider what causes this and if there are other options?

Many paints are grouped into a category called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this is what causes the aroma. The most well-known VOC is called formaldehyde – it is this and other chemicals that are not only potential health hazards but are bad for the environment too. In fact, by using this type of paint, after painting, the VOC levels in your room can increase by hundreds of times?

painted room.png

This is why I want us to look at some non-toxic paints, so when you go out and choose paint for your home you are making an informed decision.

Before we continue, I will just explain why we have these toxic chemicals in our paint, this is predominantly for 2 reasons:

• They help the paint dry quicker • They are sustainable

So, by buying eco friendly paint, will we have to compromise on performance?

The short answer is – no, not anymore, thanks to new scientific developments.

For the purpose of this blog I’m going to use a company called Graphenstone as an example of the changes that have been made. Though please note this is not an advert for Graphenstone.


Graphenstone, not only has no toxicity, it also actively cleans and purifies the air. It is fire-proof; highly breathable; anti-bacterial, and vegan, in addition to being quick drying and sustainable. This company claim that once applied to your wall, the paint will remain in a healthy and sustainable condition for decades.

However, let’s move away from it being green and friendly, as let’s face it, it wouldn’t get the thumbs up from me unless it gave me a great range of colours. This is where I can tell you that Graphenstone have certainly not compromised on choice of shades, example colour chart below:

COLOUR_CHART_CMYK (print file) copy (1).jpeg

What’s not to like?!

Website details are

There are of course other Eco friendly paints, I know that companies like Little Green, Farrow & Ball, and Linda Barker are amongst the many. They also have some fabulous colours, so do shop around.

If you are taking the plunge and choosing a colour for your home, whether it’s for your lounge, kitchen or bathroom, choose carefully. Don’t just pick a colour that you’ve seen in a magazine and assume it’s going to look fabulous, get some testers and really take your time. Getting it wrong, can not only be soul destroying, it can also get very expensive!

If you are looking for an Eco friendly paint, do check the label carefully to ensure you’re not being misled and always keep in mind quality, durability and longevity.

Happy Healthy Painting Everyone!

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