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Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home a Snug Haven

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Time to Snuggle up Indoors

Lockdown again, all except this time it’s colder and, almost certainly going to be wetter.

So, let’s just embrace it! Make your living room a cosy sanctuary for curling up on the sofa with a good book or movie.

A snug haven is made up of touch, smell, warmth, light and colour, let’s look at each of these and see how we can create a warm inviting setting.


Certain textures can feel cold and uninviting, examples being synthetics and shiny surfaces. To create a feeling of comfort, find soft, warm textures like faux-fur, chunky knit and velvet. Layer and accessorise with extra throws and cushions, things you can really sink under and into.

throws and cushions_0.jpg

M&S have a fabulous selection of soft furnishings online – take a look:


You could even change the feel of one of your walls by adding a textured wallpaper and creating a feature wall.


Sense of smell is such a powerful influence. Not only can it trigger memories, emotions and hunger, it can also remind us of the 4 seasons. A scent can completely change the ambience of a room and give an instant feeling of calm. For autumn and winter find some candles perfumed with bergamot and amber, or cinnamon and clove. There are some beautifully rich smells out there.


Have a browse at the gorgeous scents provided by The Botanical Candle Company.



A sure fast way to give your room a feeling of warmth is to replace lightweight curtains, with full length, heavyweight velvet drapes. A great way to shut out those cold rainy evenings. Another quick way to take the chill off is by adding a faux fur rug to wooden flooring, an excellent and easy way to transform from summer cool to winter warm.


Turn off that bright overhead lighting and bring in lamps and more lamps. By placing lights on tables, sideboards and shelves, it can create a warm snug atmosphere. Always use softer, more diffused lighting.


Dunelm are quite good for reasonably priced lighting ideas.


Some of my favourite colours are rich burnt oranges, deep earthy greens and browns or even a luxurious deep purple. Have a good look at your room, take some photos then choose the best colours to accessorize it. A good way to do this is by looking at a colour wheel and choosing those close or opposite to each other.

All that’s left to do now is either light the fire or turn the heating up and find a good book or box set.

cozy fire.jpg

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