Garage Conversion Interior Design Ideas

Garage Conversion – Interior Design Ideas

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When someone says “garage conversion”, what do you think of? Maybe a workshop, a home gym, or perhaps an office but what if I said, movie theatre or a listing on Airbnb – do I have your attention?

Unless you actually use the garage for your car, it can end up being a waste of space, of around 100 sq. ft, used as either a dumping ground or possibly even a man cave. Do a conversion and design it well, then not only do you have an extra room, you can also increase the value of your home, or even get an income.

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Unlike an extension, you have minimum disruption, will maximise your existing space and all without increasing your footprint. Planning permission may not be required, providing the work is internal and you are not enlarging the building. However, it’s still best to check with your local authority. It’s also worth checking out “permitted development rights for householders”, click on the link below for more information:


For a stand-alone garage, you need to apply for a “change of use” through your local authority.

So, let’s look at how you can use your space wisely:

Home Office

I’ve started with this, as in the current climate many people are longing for that separate working space. A garage is ideal for this as it is often away from the main living area and can accommodate a self-contained entrance.

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Again, very topical right now with families living on top of each other for long periods of time. Converting your garage to a playroom could be a perfect solution.

Music or Games Room

As children become teenagers and young adults, it’s great for them to have their own space. Whatever their hobbies, a converted garage is a place where they can play their music, or spend time with friends.

Kitchen Extension

An integral garage can make a great open plan kitchen diner and not only give you, your dream kitchen but can also make a considerable difference to the value of your home.

Home Cinema Room

If you are in the enviable position, where you don’t need any more living space, why not do something fun, something a little bit extravagant. This is probably one for the techies amongst you, that love watching movies, or sport on a huge widescreen.

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Times are tough for many of us right now, so what about investing in an ensuite room to rent out. With the benefit of being able to have separate access to this space, there would be a minimum invasion of privacy.

There would of course, be the initial cost of the conversion but it would bring in a regular income, ultimately covering your costs and providing a profit.

This would be an excellent idea for those who live near a well known tourist destination, by the sea, or in a British national park.


For information on the rules and regulations of renting out a room in your home, click on the link below:


Some Basics to Consider for All Conversions

There is obviously a cost to converting your garage, things you will need to consider are:

• Involving an architect, not only will they assist you with the design, they can advise on local planning regulations.

• Replacing the garage doors for a weather tight replacement.

• Installing doors and windows that make the conversion look and feel like an extension of the house.

• Roof, walls and floor may need changes and insulation installed.

• Utilities - If you are planning to create a bathroom or kitchen, additional plumbing must be considered. Most garages do have electricity but obviously this could be an issue in an older property.

With all the time we have been spending at home lately, it makes sense to think of how we can best make use of our existing space.

If you’d like any assistance with any aspect of your interior design, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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