Following the trends without breaking the bank

Following the trends without breaking the bank

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Following the trends without breaking the bank

Following on from my recent post regarding what’s on trend and what’s “so last year”, I’ve been doing some research and would like to share with you how you can put these trends in place without breaking the bank.

Introducing some colour into your home

I found a brilliant article by Jessica Doyle and I love how she demonstrates that you can change your neutral walls into something bright and bold, literally at the price of a test pot AND with reduced effort.

Here are her 2 suggestions:

  1. Rather than paint a complete feature wall, you could paint an accent stripe around the top of the whole room. This adds colour and character without overwhelming the room.
  2. Paint a thick border around the edge of your window frame. A bold colour around 10cms thick, sets off a freshly painted white wooden frame beautifully.

However, you do have to take care with both the suggestions above and ensure you keep the lines clean. Scruffy edges just won’t have the same appeal

Home Bar

There are some excellent ideas online of how to make your own home bar, using anything from discarded wooden pallets and wall mounted cabinets, to a garden rake (yes, I really did just say a garden rake). To see the ideas on making a bar out of used pallets, just Google “making a bar with wooden pallets” and keep a weekend free!

I also found this article below entitled “17 DIY Mini Bars to Mix Up Your Home Décor” – take a look, there are some terrific ideas:

Updating your kitchen

If you love the idea of having a kitchen on trend with some strong colour but just can’t afford to rip out your old one and start again, maybe consider some of the ideas below:

• Change out your splash backs with some coloured stone or tiles

• Replace your worktops, there are some great granite effect ones out there, many are reasonably priced

• Paint your cabinets, this is an excellent quick fix and great way to add some strong colour

• Introduce some colourful furniture and accessories. Maybe brightly coloured bar stools and appliances (I noticed some really “wacky” and reasonably priced appliances in Sainsburys)

Animal Prints

I had a little look around for inspiration on introducing animal prints into your home and discovered plenty of rugs and wall hangings. However, just for something a little different, I wanted to share an alternative idea, check out these towels, which are really reasonably priced at Argos.

Statement Sofa

Great looking furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune, if you’ve got a sofa that’s starting to look a bit shabby, you don’t need to get rid of it. Find yourself some statement fabric you love and find someone local to cover it for you – I’m hazarding a guess that if it’s something you can do yourself you would have done it by now!

Recycling and reconditioning things around the home, is not only hugely on trend, it also great for the environment. There are plenty of upholstery shops online – try something like or (you’ll find some superb animal prints on here too).

Good luck and don’t forget, if you need a professional eye to give your home a re-style, just call Fiona on 07779 329352.

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