Why wont my property sell?

7 Things to Consider if Your Property is Stuck on The Market

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During these unprecedented times, it is extremely easy to blame everything that’s going wrong in the world on Covid! However, something you should not hold the pandemic responsible for is the sale of your house. The fact is that the demand for houses has soared since the lockdown ended, as reported frequently in the news:


With this in mind, if it isn’t the effects of the Coronavirus hindering your sale, what is it?

There are many actions you can take to get that SOLD sign erected. So, to give you a helping hand, I have listed 7 of my favourites, I believe are worth your consideration.

  1. Bad photography. Do the photos online really do your property justice? Never underestimate the importance of great pictures, this is the first thing people look at and what will clinch that house viewing. Make sure your house is looking its “very best self” when the photographer takes the shots and don’t accept any pictures that don’t come up to scratch

  2. Basic repairs. Do your own house viewing and note any basic repairs that need attending to. This can be anything from a dripping tap to marked walls. Misdemeanours like this take very little time and effort to put right but make a big difference to the overall look and desirability of your property.

  3. Lacks kerb appeal. Check the outside of your property. Are the windows and roof in good condition? Does the front garden and pathway look tidy? Is the front door well maintained and attractive? I can’t emphasise enough how important first impressions really are.

  4. Overly stark or too personalised? I appreciate that it’s not an easy balance to reach but most definitely doable. Much as it’s important to rid your house of excess “stuff”, you don’t want it to look like an uninspiring hotel room. Make sure your windows are attractively dressed, pictures are tasteful and bring in some colour with plants and flowers.

  5. Overpowering large pieces of furniture. Do you have items of furniture that are dwarfing any of your rooms? If the answer is yes, then consider moving or even replacing them – when it comes to rooms, size really does count! Bear in mind that lighting and mirrors placed correctly can assist with enhancing your space.

  6. Shabby kitchen or bathroom? Kitchens and bathrooms do sell houses. However, that doesn’t mean your house won’t sell just because either room needs updating. Just make sure these rooms look the best they possibly can with a lick or 2 of paint and that the house price reflects the current state.

  7. Dirty and smelly? I know this sounds obvious and very few people would put their house on the market as “dirty and smelly”. However, have you really given your property a thoroughly deep clean, walls, windows (inside and out), skirting boards, kitchen cupboards? If not, this really is worth doing and at the same time air it and invest in some good diffusers!

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