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Fushia Design Looks at Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2020

Are you thinking about putting your Christmas Decorations up a little earlier this year, to bring some sparkle into your home? After a year that’s left many people feeling gloomy, it seems that many of us are. And hey, why not?

With that in mind, I thought it ...

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Time to Snuggle up Indoors

Lockdown again, all except this time it’s colder and, almost certainly going to be wetter.

So, let’s just embrace it! Make your living room a cosy sanctuary for curling up on the sofa with a good book or movie.

A snug haven is made up of touch, smell, warmth, light and colour, let’s ...

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The summer came and went; you had your garden looking it’s very best “summer self”; you had several viewings and maybe even offers; but your property still remains on the market. What can you be doing to end this chapter of your life and start that exciting new one you’re dreaming of?

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I was recently asked “Is there a difference between Home Staging and Interior Design and do you do both?” Well, the short answer to each question is “Yes”. However, to help people understand the difference and work out which service is the right one for them, I’ve given a detailed description of each skill below.

Home Staging

Home ...

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During these unprecedented times, it is extremely easy to blame everything that’s going wrong in the world on Covid! However, something you should not hold the pandemic responsible for is the sale of your house. The fact is that the demand for houses has soared since the lockdown ended, as reported frequently in the news:

With ...

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Following the trends without breaking the bank

Following on from my recent post regarding what’s on trend and what’s “so last year”, I’ve been doing some research and would like to share with you how you can put these trends in place without breaking the bank.

Introducing some colour into your home

I ...

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Did you know that using a home staging expert could mean your property will sell twice as fast, or that on average a staged property will sell for anything up to 8-10% more? (as printed by the Home Staging Association UK)

The average price of a property in the UK at the moment is around £250,000, so with home staging that could mean a price ...

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Our houses are full of memorabilia from our life's journey. Photos, trinkets, hand-me-downs and holiday mementos, all things that have deep meaning in our lives. However, when you sell your home, you need to tear yourself away from the sentimentalities and think of it purely as a property for sale, an investment.

Think of your house as your ...

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Are you considering taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday?

According to The Property News UK, house price growth is to reach 11.4% spurred on by stamp duty.

So, are you one of the many wishing to benefit from this temporary gift the government has bestowed upon us? If so, you don’t only need to be spending time looking for your ...

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Have you ever heard the saying “First Impressions Count”?

Here in the property staging sector we live by the rule. If your buyer walks into a dark space, that is cluttered and not very friendly, why would they proceed to look further into the property?

Your front garden and the entrance to the property will be the very first thing ...

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A probate property can bring all sorts of memories and issues to the surface and many people that are trying to sell a probate property will want to do it without too much work involved but whilst also wanting the best price and a quick sale.

Home staging is a great way of ensuring that your probate property is ready for the market and appeals ...

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Its hard to say when you may be looking at selling a property but it goes without saying that if your buyers are put off by small or even big things it could mean a long period of time before the property sells or ultimately that you lose thousands of pounds in the process.

Using a home staging expert will enable you to have peace of mind ...

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